when you had nothing else to give
you still gave him love

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I am a high school senior, writer, editor, incorrigible Francophile, precocious philosopher, Gregory Peck fanatic, sock aficionado, and art history geek, with an interest in pursuing economics. Mango smoothies are my coffee. This blog is multi-fandom, very random, and not spoiler-free.

"A perfect world is achieved by giving up a perfect world."


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My favorite thing about the Professor Layton games is the memo function.



i just felt like doing that

Sorry for adding this but I have an itchy drawing finger.

The funny part is that Sissel is not Wright.


Another puzzle solved

I just finished Lost future which will be my last Layton game for a while. Loved it 


What do you mean it’s not your color?

For the toony-talented kraziekazoo, who’d asked for something father/daughter with Layton and Flora :)

I have this idea in my head that Flora probably likes to knit, and she loves to pamper her Professor with scarves that she makes. Though sometimes she does get a little overzealous, much like her cooking ;)

(This was also an excuse to draw a pink striped scarf because I really love them and I have yet to find a perfect one for myself :p)